2014年 8月19日


About recent works

I have a desire to make the future better. Not only me. Many of humanity has developed based on this hope and ideal. But this hope and ideal became a desire and scooped his own feet several times. People tend to repeat the same mistakes. As if it repeats despair and hope on its own will.

Document what actually happened in the past, existing places, people, etc. through photography, interviews, and reportage. Then edit it to configure the space. My latest work goes through this process. The document here does not reflect the truth, it captures a certain reality. Editing here is not a way to create a convenient story, but a way to condense your experience and thoughts like a good haiku or poetry. At the same time, it is a way to clarify what you could not experience and what you couldn’t notice. The objects I look for are events, places, and people that I cannot immediately interpret. It is the existence where several different values that should be incompatible are in conflict. It is a presence that causes acceptance and rejection of emotions that are mixed in love and hate. It is a presence that represents the past that might have happened and the future that could have happened.

Imagine what could have actually happened and what could have existed. Imagine the reality that may or may not have existed. My work is there for that purpose, understanding the current location and imagining the future.

You can’t escape the desire to make the future better. Don’t forget the fact that the developmental desires have come under their own feet. Then think about the possibilities of talking about the ideal and reflecting on it. Practice it.

August 19, 2014